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Three heroes must unite their powers against a common threat: the Illtide.
They’ll have to find the source of the Illtide to uncover its mysteries.
Their path will be strewn by extremely powerful creatures.

Created in 5 months for the second year of Master degree at ENJMIN (FRANCE)

---- Team ----

Game Design

Antoine Sarrazin - antoinesarrazin.com

Clémentine Soulard--Pignon - foulardpigeon.wixsite.com/portfolio

User Experience

Helios Moreau - linkedin.com/in/helios-moreau


Nicolas Delamare - linkedin.com/in/nicolasdelamare


Benjamin Pelmoine - b-pelmoine.com

Maxime Delerin

Joan Odicio - jodicio.xyz

Léo Piérot - linkedin.com/in/ln/léo-piérot

Sang Hoon Kim - linkedin.com/in/sanghoon-kim

Art Direction

Noémie Szmrzsik-Cohard - noemie-szm.jimdo.com

Tara Quinsac - taraquinsac.fr

Sound Design

Tristan Pradens - tristanpradens.wixsite.com/portfolio


Illtide (Prototype Build) 626 MB

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