A downloadable game for Windows

Game developed by a team of students at CNAM-ENJMIN during the ENJAM 2017, a 54 hours game jam organised in Angoulême, France.

Guys, the situation is getting out of hand ! I need you to contain those rioters while I contact the chief of police. Don’t let them bring about chaos in the city!



  • Player 1 : Move with the arrows, use your shield with L and your club with M
  • Player 2 : Move with ZQSD, use your shield with C and your club with V


  • Use your shield with X and your club with A


Paul Figiel - Developer : LinkedIn profile
Robin Pinto - Developer : Itch.io profile
Darenn Keller - Developer : LinkedIn profile
Jeanne Prigent - 2D Artist & Animator : LinkedIn profile / Tumblr page
Volodia Chamard - 2D Artist : LinkedIn profile / Artstation profile
Aurélien Demey  - Sound Designer : LinkedIn profile
Colette Paugame - Game Designer : Portfolio
Jonas Dutouquet - Game Designer : LinkedIn profile
Nicolas Delamare - Producer : LinkedIn profile

Special thanks to :
Antoine Chabroux-Wert - Sound Designer : LinkedIn profile / Soundcloud profile
for making the menu music.


FluffTheRiot.zip 40 MB

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