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A Guy and his Hero is a student project led by a team of 6 students in first year of JMIN master at CNAM-ENJMIN, Angoulême, France.


A Guy and his Hero  won the Great Prize at Hits Play Time contest on June 24 2017!
Thanks so much to those who played our game, enjoyed it and spread the word around them!


Everyone has once dreamed to follow a hero in his quest, to overview him, to be both storyteller and divine figure over a little world.

This dreamt world is what A Guy and his Hero is about. That's why the rest of the team joined the project, to get the opportunity to feel this adventure again. Feel free to help this hero through his journey in a beautiful Mediterranean environment, he will need your presence to succeed.


This video game project is an initiation rite for us, our first "big" project planned on 3 months. The game has to be at least a 10 minutes experience. During those, the player should be able to understand the gameplay rules. This is quite a challenge for us as we never developed on VR before.

This project has been led by a strong proposal from Alexandre, our Graphic Designer. He wanted to make a game inspired by board games and child toys in Virtual Reality using the HTC Vive technology.


We currently have 2 levels developed and ready to be played, and we'll maybe come back with more content soon. You can follow & repost our work on our :

 Facebook page 

Youtube channel 


Tumblr page


Our team is composed by :

Alexandre Cornudet - Graphic Designer

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Facebook Artwork page

Nicolas Delamare - Producer

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Armel Perhirin - Developer

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Hélène Boudier - 3D Artist & Animator

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Tumblr page

Raphaël Bailly - Developer

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Kevin Leclerc - Game Designer

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Anize Amestoy - Sound Designer

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SoundCloud page

Special Thanks to :

Guillaume Voisinet - UI / UX Designer

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More information

Published 76 days ago
StatusIn development
Release date 36 days ago
AuthorsNicolas Delamare, Kevin_Leclerc, Anize, Wolfangar
Tags3D, god-game, htc-vive, low-poly, puzzle, Virtual Reality
LicenseAll rights reserved
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsHTC Vive

Install instructions

In order to play to A Guy and his Hero, you must own a complete HTC Vive installation (headset, cameras & controllers).

After downloading the package, just decompress it using your usual tool and launch the .exe file in the root folder.

The current version is 0.5.2, the game is considered to be still in development!


You must initialize your material (headset, cameras & controllers) before lauching the game. Otherwise, the devices will not be recognized by some triggers and you will be quickly stopped in your experience.

Also, be sure to have an audio headset on correctly (left on left, right on right) as the sound is spatialized and important for the gameplay.

Thank you for reading and have a good time playing our game :)

A Team and its Game


A_Guy_And_His_Hero_Build_v0.5.2_Winx64.7z (105 MB)


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Give me mooaaaar ! This game is so beautifull, i want complex puzzles